The Black Cashmere Scarf Is the Perfect Winter Accessory

The Black Cashmere Scarf Is the Perfect Winter Accessory

For all the downsides of winter such as going to and from work in darkness, the harsh cruel weather and the pasty skin; I do always enjoy the first signs of the chill as it reminds me of log fires and warm soft clothes. This allows me to unleash my favorite accessory form its summer captivity; the accessory being my black cashmere scarf.

If you don’t already own one of these timeless scarves, allow me to give you a few pointers to set you on your way.


Although cashmere comes from India, China and Mongolia, but often referred to as English, Scottish and Italian. The raw material is sourced from places like India, China and Mongolia and the lion share of cashmere products in the world are manufactured there.

However, many companies in Europe import the cashmere yarn from the east and weave the cashmere in their own the mills.

What to Wear with it?

The beauty of a black cashmere scarf is that it can be worn for both casual and smart events. During the week, I wear it with my suit and winter coat tucked neatly underneath the lapels. On the weekend I wear it with my grey or black cashmere crew neck jumper and light jeans in the traditional knotted style.

What to accessorize with it?

What other accessories you combine with your black cashmere scarf depends on the occasion. When I’m dressing for formal occasions or for work I wear lined leather gloves in either cashmere or silk. For casual dress, I usually create a trio with a black cashmere beanie, black cashmere gloves and my black cashmere scarf.

I hope you have found this beneficial and if it does encourage you to visit and get one for yourself remember one thing; don’t let anyone else borrow it.

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