Straight talk: Please nerf Dr. Boom already. It has to happen eventually.

Straight talk: Please nerf Dr. Boom already. It has to happen eventually.

Sure, the enlargement is simply two days outdated and so on., and so on., however I’d be keen to guess my first born little one that my factors nonetheless stands in 2 months if nothing is completed.

Dr. Growth, Mad Genius, completely, 100% needs to be nerfed.

This card is means too robust in it’s present type, and it’s poisonous to the meta. Right here’s why:

  • His Hero Energy alone is healthier than most of the Quest Rewards. Having performed Quest Priest in varied varieties the final couple of days, I’ve been consinstently outvalued by Dr. Growth even once I get the Quest on-line early with full hand. It’s simply that rediculous. I spend my total early/mid-game therapeutic my clown fiesta crappy Priest minions however nonetheless get outvalued by Dr. Growth and his speeding mechs. For science I did some some exams with Quest Hunter, Rogue, Warlock and Shaman (!), and yup, Growth stills wins. However then it is best to go for tempo as a substitute, you may recommend, main me to my subsequent level…
  • Dr. Growth fills so many roles, regular deck constructing restrictions doesn’t apply. Whereas Quest Paladin for example must fill his deck with janky Reborn minions, Dr. Booms Quest Reward (sure) comes on-line with none deck constructing restrictions or foreplay. (Really, it additionally provides you 7 armor and everlasting Rush however we’ll speak about that later.) This implies you possibly can fill your deck with 29 elimination playing cards and Dr. Growth. You don’t must have a number of late Play on-line Action Games for Free playing cards as Dr. Growth will handle it. That is why Management Warrior is insane in opposition to aggro in addition to Management Decks.
  • Everlasting Rush is just too massive of an upside and limits interactivity. How do you counter infinite worth like Dr. Growth? Nicely, you possibly can attempt to face him down, however good luck sticking minions when many of the Warriors minion has Rush. It feels very dangerous for the participant barely having the ability to dictate any trades for the remainder of the sport.

Don’t consider me? I’ll deliver you some information. On HSReplays Warrior is the perfect class with 54,5% win price presently (Priest is backside in fact). One of the best Warrior deck has 66,7% winrate. Need to know which card carries the deck statistically? You guessed it, that’s Dr. Growth, Mad Genius sitting at a Comfy 69,6% winrate when drawn, which makes it the perfect card within the deck. And that quantity doesn’t even symbolize the talked about luxurious of having the ability to have 29 removals within the deck. Nevertheless it get’s worse! Dr. Growth has a 70,zero% mulligan winrate (additionally the very best within the deck).

If it’s one factor that ought to let you know card is damaged, it’s when a 7 mana card has 70% winrate when stored in opening hand.

So, Dr. Growth, Mad Genius suits each single checkbox for a card that needs to be nerfed. It has to occur eventuelly, and I simply hope Blizzard has the center to do it inside just a few weeks so we will benefit from the enlargement which in any other case appears nice.

BONUS: I’ll be constructive and recommend the right way to nerf it. My suggestion is giving Rush solely to the minions in hand when Dr. Growth is performed. I’d additionally nerf the Supply Drone to «Add a random Mech» as a substitute of «Uncover a Mech». It would even be essential to peg down the three microbots to 2 microbots, however that I’m uncertain of. I don’t wish to nerf the mana price since he in any case is the unique Dr. 7, and apart from I nonetheless would have performed this card for 10 mana.

TLDR: Dr. Growth Mad Genius is damaged each subjectively and objectivly. It completely needs to be nerfed quickly.

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