Judah Tours- Discover Luxury in Israel as Elites Do

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Discover the luxury of Israel as elites do. After a record of the tourism industry, no country is better prepared to offer you the luxury than Israel. Five-star beach resorts such as Dan Tel Aviv, Meridian Dead Sea and Herod Vitalis in Eilat await you on three of the beautiful Israeli shores. The austere beauty of the Mediterranean offers the best of marine activities, fresh seafood, and unforgettable sunsets. Judah Tours will ensure that you never lack the luxury, be it a translator, directions, various or simply a suggestion of a quiet dinner for two.

At the southern tip of Israel, the sun-drenched beaches of the Red Sea and the bustling port city of Eilat are just a few hours’ drive to the world’s only wonder: the Giza pyramids. Airport agents and VIP border stations are available to help you maintain a flexible luxury itinerary so you can explore the region as you please. More than a dozen airports and local airports are open to navigation to make traveling in the country easy and safe. In fact, the subtle but powerful presence of one of the world’s best-trained and best-equipped military forces – the Israel Defense Force – is the top priority for the security of Israel’s citizens and guests.

The deepest saltwater lake in the world, the Dead Sea, will not disappoint those seeking fascinating places of historical and natural significance. Its southwest coast is home to some of Israel’s most luxurious five-star spas, as well as the famous therapeutic hot springs of the Dead Sea. The increase in atmospheric pressure and the warm climate and pollution-free due to the low altitude of the lake have been used to treat respiratory problems and even cystic fibrosis. Due to the high salt content of the lake, most visitors float unaided!

Israel has the closest proximity to the world with literally dozens of historical and sacred sites. See Golgotha, the Dome of the Rock, Nazareth and historic Jerusalem, during luxury private tours to Israel to create a special connection that the active tourist would miss. Walking through the city of Jerusalem, you almost feel the importance of the city around them. Explore the crusader castles that dot the countryside and discover funerary sites on ancient Roman ruins to witness the common history of the cultures that have inhabited the region throughout human history.

Reviving two millennia of history can be an exhausting affair, suggesting that, to relax, Tel Aviv’s vast network of nightclubs and bars must be visited. Known as the glamorous “Sin City” in Israel, all the soft and wild comfort of the creator is plentiful. “Mike’s Place”, a bar is known to locals for its lively atmosphere, often features live music and an impressive array of delicious appetizers. The “Joey’s Bar” is home to the biggest dance floor in the country and the latest music.

There is an almost limitless number of wonderful things to see. Get the best of Israel by doing your best – see it in the luxury Israel you want to see.

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